About Us

Patty Rogers

Driven by an entrepreneural spirit, Patty has always known she’d have her own business one day.  Her passion lies in helping other business owners and entrepreneurs build their businesses utilizing the power of automation and digital marketing. 

Sales strategy

Marketing & automation

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database support

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Our Approach

Our approach is quite simple.  We hop on a free strategy call, ask you some questions relating to your goals and objectives and map out a plan to get you there.  We ALWAYS start with the end in mind because if we don’t know where we’re going how can we possibly create the map to get us there.  Our clients like the fact that we are very up front.  We realize we are not a fit for every client and every client is not a fit for us.  Typically we work with Coaches, Professional Services and Local Service Providers.

Our Story

Our story started nearly 10 years ago!  Patty began working with an entrepreneur in the Bay Area (Northern California) who used Infusionsoft and needed some support.  The job was essentially a Virtual Assistant role before that was a well-known job title.  Patty worked exclusively with Infusionsoft for this client building his database from 1,500 contacts to over 30,000.   Patty spent years supporting small business owners as a Virtual Assistant.  She hung up her VA hat, rebranded but still loves working with small businesses.  Now, we do it with Infusionsoft by Keap and Keap!

Meet the Team

As individuals we are strong, but as a team we are mighty!
We look forward to working with you on your sales strategy, process improvement, implementation, coaching and ongoing management.

Patty Rogers – Owner & Infusionsoft Certified Partner

Patty’s corporate background included working for an International Commercial Real Estate Company managing several locations and again supporting business owners.  She was also a Recruiter for Finance and Accounting roles ranging from AP/AP to CFO’s and Controllers.

On a personal side Patty is a wife and mom of 3….her husband like to call her Boss Mama.  Patty has the opportunity to partner with her husband in business as well as in life.   She enjoys cooking and entertaining for family and friends.  At the end of the day, it’s all about who we choose to surround ourselves with, it’s those moments she cherishes most.

Dan Rogers – Sales Director


Latrice Claiborne – Infusionsoft Certified Consultant


Next Steps…

By now, you know a little more about us.  We’d love to know a little more about you, your business and your goals.  The next step is to hop on the phone for a strategy call. 
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